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INTO THE BLUE–new from Chuck Greenberg and Armen Chakmakian!

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Chuck Greenberg
 Time Travel Down Memory Lane Thru a Pictorial View of Chuck’s Life…


Grammy Award winning recording artist, composer, and producer CHUCK GREENBERG was born in Chicago, IL, on March 25, 1950. Although beginning his musical career in the Midwest, he first found wide recognition for his many talents after relocating to L.A. in 1978. 

Chuck’s initial success as a producer and artist was marked by his series of recordings with Shadowfax, Alex de Grassi, and Will Ackerman, beginning in 1982 on the Windham Hill label.

Shadowfax 1995: Chuck, Ray Yslas, Phil Maggini, Armen Chakmakian,  Stu Nevitt, Andy Abad [l-r]
This ground-breaking work combined jazz, rock, folk, and world music elements into a singular musical vision that featured flawless recordings and cohesive compositions.

Chuck’s work on the Lyricon, the first electronic wind instrument, which he helped develop with engineer Bill Bernardi, became the signature sound of the group Shadowfax.


Shadowfax 1986: G.E. StinsonStu Nevitt, Chuck, Phil Maggini, David Lewis, Charlie Bisharat [l-r]


Shadowfax winning the Best New Age Grammy, 1988: Phil Maggini, David Lewis, Chuck (at the center of things as usual), Charlie Bisharat, Stu Nevitt [l-r]

In live performances, CHUCK GREENBERG  appeared as a featured artist at Carnegie Hall; Montreux, Switzerland; Ravinia, Italy; The Greek Theater, San Francisco; Wolftrap; Red Rocks, Colorado; and the Universal Amphitheater in Burbank, California, among other venues.

Chuck’s final work was a live SHADOWFAX recording and full-length concert from Santa Cruz, California, in 1995. Ironically, he died on Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, on Sept. 4, 1995, after suffering a massive heart attack, leaving a wife, three sons, and an enduring musical legacy. Although he may be gone, he has certainly not been forgotten–his timeless music lives forever.


 See more photos in Joy Greenberg‘s book A PAUSE in the RAIN about CHUCK GREENBERG and SHADOWFAX. Please contact Joy Greenberg for more information.

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  1. I miss his music. I was just discovering “jazz” around 1982. Folksongs helped me through a hard time. I was a new father just out of high school. The CD helped me through panic attacks. I still listen while bicycling when I need to get into my zone. I was so freaking sad when I heard the news in 1995. I’m stunned that it was so long ago already. I’ll always keep his music with me.

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